Thursday, July 18, 2013

Justice for Robin Bain - "I've told my side to the Police and I stick to that" What a strange sort of comment from David bain...

  • of everything I have read this sentence is the thing that says the most to me about who did it....

    Robin's brother, Michael Bain, told Michael Reed, QC, for the accused, that the Bains had enough money to build the house if their assets were capitalised..
    Earlier, he told the court that on a prison visit on June 28 he asked David Bain: "Did you do it?"
    No-one in the family had asked him and he took it on himself to pose the question. Bain did not say "he didn't do it", but said:

    "I've told my side to the police and I stick to that."

    THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES TO ME what a strange word to choose 'side

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