Offering half RV for land is just not on...

Lianne Dalziel |
Gerry Brownlee has sneaked out an announcement that the Government will only offer half the rateable value of some red-zone land while most in Canterbury were rightly focussed on the fate of their local schools, says Earthquake Recovery spokesperson Lianne Dalziel.
“Today the attention of all Cantabrians was on the fate of their local schools. A big worry for every parent in the region. But Gerry Brownlee has cynically used this opportunity to sneak out his announcement that owners of uninsured houses or vacant land in the red zone will only get an offer of half the rateable value of the land.
“Offering just half the rateable value for land is not on. The full rateable value for other land owners in the red zone was nowhere near the market or replacement value. Half that amount adds insult to injury.
“How dare the Minister be so judgemental about people who don’t have insurance. We have heard tragic stories from people who haven’t realised they had become uninsured after their husband or wife had died. Other examples include making the hard choice about what they could afford after the breadwinner has been hospitalised or when a business was struggling to get off the ground.
“And if you only own bare land you can’t insure it for EQC cover anyway.
“This is very bad news for people who have been hung out to dry by a government who promised to preserve people’s equity in their property.
“By avoiding the use of his powers under the Act, the Minister may be hoping that he will avoid the scrutiny of the court, but this time he has taken on people who literally have nothing left to lose.”