Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Concern on both sides of the Tasman at kiwi migration to Aussie

Australian MP Kelvin Thompson’s concern about the number of Kiwis heading across the ditch shows that the only people in Australasia not bothered about the issue are the National Government, says Labour’s Economic Development Spokesperson David Cunliffe.
“Australia is often called ‘the lucky country’. They’re getting some of our best and brightest. But even Australians are now worried about the number of Kiwis heading their way.
“We’re mates with the Aussies and we don’t want to put them out. But National seems to think it can solve its unemployment problem by outsourcing it Australia.
“Bill English says there’s no point in standing around in the airport crying about it. At this rate we’ll have people leaving Auckland Airport with hankies, being greeted in Sydney with placards.
“Now that Australasians on both sides of the Tasman think Kiwi migration is an issue, it’s past time that the National Government woke up.
“The next time John Key meets Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard he should apologise for mismanaging our economy so badly. And he should apologise to New Zealand for failing to deliver on his promise that Kiwis would no longer ‘wave goodbye to their loved ones’.
“The ability for Kiwis and Aussies to move back and forth between our two countries is a wonderful example of our trans-Tasman mateship. But New Zealand shouldn’t be sending a university’s worth of young and talented people to Australia every year. Even they are sick of it.”

But Australians are not yet prepared to work to the demands of WA employers in setting up new mines and infastucture. Three or four weeks on, and a week off is no good for them. Until they are, Kiwis will do these jobs.

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