Sunday, July 22, 2012

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Red Alert

Asset sales- pay once, pay twice…

Posted by Grant Robertson on July 22nd, 2012
Today’s “front of the queue” humbug from John Key is only the beginning of a massive exercise in propaganda and marketing that the government will put in front of New Zealanders in the coming months to try to promote their asset sales programme. I have heard talk of a huge TV advertising campaign and mobile displays all around the country.
And it pays to remember that the hundreds of millions of dollars that are being spent to dress up this sales programme could be being spent on all manner of projects that might actually grow our economy, or give people opportunity or protect our environment. Instead the money is being spent selling off to New Zealanders what we all already own. Its a con job- and one that we are paying for.
Hearing John Key today biff around numbers like $1000 or $2000 and suggest that this is all it takes to be in on these assets is, frankly, offensive. Most people and families don’t have that money lying around, and so the sales amount to a shift in wealth from the many (who currently own them together) to the few (who can afford to buy them). And so National grows inequality in our society.
But we must keep on fighting. Remember to download your petition forms here and get your friends and family to sign up to show the government that they do not have the support of New Zealanders for the sale of our assets.

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