Friday, July 20, 2012

Water on the brain, JK...

English: Tariana and Pita at the Maori Party L...
English: Tariana and Pita at the Maori Party Launch 2005.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - JUNE 14: New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, Governor-General Sir Jerry Mateparae and United States Ambassador to New Zealand David Huebner carry roses to lay on the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior during a wreath-laying ceremony at the National War Memorial on June 14, 2012 in Wellington, New Zealand. John Key welcomed US marines to Wellington today to mark the 70th anniversary of Amercan World War II forces arrival to New Zealand in 1942. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
The water must be getting to John Key's brain - that's the water we all own and some pee in. He thinks he's been in power for nearly six years, not the nearly four.

The arrogant disregard for opposition parties, the critical media and the important sectors of NZ society, is even worse than that during the 1990's - the Bolgers, Shipleys and the Mother of all budgets of Ruth Richardson.

The Maori Party is so politically  naive and lacking in any nous. They will be lucky to have one member in parliament after the next elections. Both have their Super Goldcards and should be bussing around enjoying the sights.

Water rights will be discussed after the privatisation of energy companies. Is that right? They may get one company sold if they are lucky. Who would buy shares in such a suspect market? I wouldn't, but I'm already a shareholder in these public assets.

Now Johny comes marching home again Banks has a court case coming up soon. We don't know the outcome, but if found guilty he will be out of Parliament. A by-election will then be necessary, and who knows what the voters there will do. They may even return another Greens candidate!
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