Sunday, May 13, 2012

Are we heading for the ECA Part 2?

National's planned changes to labour rules are:
Kate Wilkinson
LABOUR MINISTER: Kate Wilkinson:   Are we heading for the Employment Contracts Act Part 2?
Prime Minister John Key says changes to industrial relations laws being considered by the Government are minor and won't affect the vast bulk of New Zealanders.
Fairfax Media has revealed the Government intends to go further with its changes to labour laws than outlined in National's election policy.
In a new move, Labour Minister Kate Wilkinson wants employers to be able to set the agenda for collective contract negotiations, raising concerns they will be able to walk away from bargaining if unions reject unreasonable demands.
The Government's concerned there is a perception that the current 20-day head start unions are given to launch negotiations creates an imbalance in bargaining.
But Labour's industrial relations spokeswoman Darien Fenton said it was important unions began the process because it set the terms for negotiation and who was covered.
"The first thing unions will have to deal with is an initiation notice from an employer which perhaps excludes half of their members. That's going to create far more disputes than there are already."

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H. Nizam said...

Interesting article about industrial relations law in NZ.

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Interesting times here, harry!