Friday, May 11, 2012

Has there been a worse betrayal from our conman PM...

Key looked the Pike River families in the eye and promised to get their mens bodies out. It was a promise he never should have made. But he did to make people like him. He wouldn’t even talk about it today. Coward. And what of his promise to make things right for Christchurch? Or his promise of an aggressive recovery? Or his promise to help the underclass? Or that brighter future?
And don’t get me started on his “not being against” marriage equality. This is the guy who voted against civil unions (he bravely blames that on his electorate). Now wants to jump on the Obama bandwagon. But can’t actually do it for fear of losing the rednecks. Pathetic. Guess it’s a step up from “wait till my book”.

Has there been a worse betrayal from our conman PM?  He has been called a coward for failing to demand recovery of the 29 men in the Pike River mine in the terms of sale to the publicly owned Solid Energy. Judus Iscariot reincarnated


Frank said...

Another broken promise.

What more can we expect from this Smile & Wave politician?

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

This mob disgusts me. At least under Bolger and later Shipley - we knew where we stood!