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Support and help Talley's Affco workers...

"We won't let Talley's AFFCO split our fa...
"We won't let Talley's AFFCO split our family" (Photo credit: Simon Oosterman)
AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - JANUARY 10: Port workers strike along Tamaki Drive on January 10, 2012 in Auckland, New Zealand. Ports of Auckland CEO, Tony Gibson is threatening to replace union workers with private contractors, as port union workers participate in a 48 hour strike making it the fifth strike by the group since November. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Help Talley’s Affco Workers!


Talleys AFFCO workers thoughout the ccountry are being locked out, as their employer – amulti-million dollar company – tries to break their Union; destroy their conditions; and end up with a compliant and easily exploitable workforce.
Like the Ports of Auckland dispute, this is not just about fair pay – this is about smashing a union and removing the rights of free men and women to join an association (ie, trade union) of their own free will.

This is about an abuse of corporate power.
This is about forcing vulnerable low-paid workers to abandion their Union and collective contracts.
This is happening right here, in our own country.
All fair-minded New Zealanders should ask themselves;
“Is this fair?”
“Are our jobs at risk from other companies?”
“Is my job next???”
Help support the Talleys AFFCO workers. You can do your bit to help our fellow Kiwis! You can,
  1. You can give a quick $5 by calling: 0900 562 5688.
  2. Donations can be made directly to their Kiwi Bank dispute fund. The account name is ‘NZCTU Disputes Fund’ and the number is 38 9007 0894028 08 (Kiwi Bank).
  1. Talley’s Boycott- Support Locked out AFFCO Workers
  2. Help Talley’s Affco Workers
  • Spread the word through your friends, family, and social media (Facebook, etc)
  • Donate food – drop-off points here
  • Tell your supermarket you won’t be buying any Talleys products until the lockouts are ended!
  • Email a link to this page to your friends & family, and share on your Facebook page. Spread the word!

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