Sunday, April 29, 2012

Selective memory, Alzheimers or just a plain stranger to the truth, Mr John Banks...

John Banks claims to not remember the donations made to him during the last mayoral elections in 2009: The $50,000 donation from Mr Kim Dotcom and the $15,000 donation from SkyCity. Kim Dotcom claims Mr Banks wanted his donation in two donations of $25,000 each. Mr Banks believes any donation under $50,000 does not have to be declared. But this is not apparently correct, only anonymous donations do not have to be declared. Dotcom's donation was not anonymous, because John Banks actually contacted Dotcom and thanked him for the donation - hardly anonymous?

View the video and see the birthday party put on for Mr Dotcom and see Mr Banks toasting Mr Dotcom.See Mr Banks at a New Years celebration and fireworks display, paid for by Kim Dotcom.Mr Banks does not remember a ride in Mr Dotcom's helicopter. As I said earlier, selective memory or Alzheimers? A very interesting video, Mr John Banks, the now leader of the Act Party.

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