Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We the people, the state, own the water and the air we breathe in NZ...

We the people, the state, own the water and the air we breathe in New Zealand...

Even if Maori were indigenous to New Zealand, and they are not, it would not make the slightest difference to the argument of who owns the water in NZ, any more than who owns the air we breathe. I hate to say it , but I have to agree with the prime minister John key on this extremely rare occasion.

The distribution rights of water in NZ is a different story. Water comes down in rain, and melting snow in the high country, from wells and artesian bores, springs in the ground and perhaps from other sources, but it has to be distributed - from lakes, rivers, streams, canals and pipelines. There can be a cost to someone that somebody else must cover. That is the relevant debate. Not that of an immigrant minority from east Polynesia who had undisturbed use of the land and water from it for centuries. There comes a time when resources must be shared in New Zealand, and that time is definately now. In ten to fifteen years asians will become the biggest minority group in NZ, second only to caucasians. And they will not necessary support or respect the Treaty of Waitangi and its process. Maori will need to have its partnership with caucasian New Zealanders secure by then. Forget the antiquated term the "Crown" - it is the state which is the people of New Zealand.
But to discuss water rights in relation to private ownership of state assets, these shareholders cannot be allowed to benefit from our resources. They should pay for it or be denied the privilege of purhasing shares in our energy corporations. The simple fact of the matter is more New Zealanders do not want privatisation of state assets, whether it is 49% or 100%, than those who do!

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