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David Bain is not innocent in my book...

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The PM John key and his Cabinet will have to consider David Bain's claim for compensation. He was found not guilty in his last trial, after a succession of hearings and trials that found him guilty. But being found not guilty does not make David Bain innocent of killing his entire immediate family - parents and siblings.

Joe Karam says people can make up their own minds over his new book on the Bain murders.
'Trial By Ambush: The Prosecutions of David Bain' points the finger at David's father Robin.

Mr Karam says he wrote it to lay out the facts and detail the process that's taken place over the years.
"Pour all that evidence into the melting pot, boil it down and come to your own decision, obviously I say that it confirms very strongly that David Bain not only did not kill his family but he could not have killed them," he told Newstalk ZB's Mike Hosking.
I look forward to reading this book at the local library - there is no way I would buy a copy that will probably financially benefit David Bain. I'm sorry but I believe that David Bain is not innocent of killing his family. I have friends who believe him innocent, but the last trial lacked all the original witnesses.
If, and this is the longest possible if,  David Bain did not kill his mother and siblings, he definately murdered his father.  So he would be guilty of fratricide? Check my spelling here.

How can John Key find David Bain innocent and award him a million dollars, a similar figure awarded to Allen Arthur Thomas who was innocent of the Crewe murders at Pukekawa decades ago.

Look long and hard at the photo of the Cullen Bain family grave in Dunedin.I want justice done, and claiming David Bain is innocent would not be justice.

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Anonymous said...

hear hear! onya for calling Karam on his BS, what a timewaster !

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Karam wants compensation for his expenditure - tough bikkies!

Thanks for your comments.