Thursday, February 24, 2011

Earthquake opportune for National - but won't save them from oblivion...

Satellite image showing Christchurch and surro...Image via WikipediaJohn Key and his merry men have been sidetracked by the terrible second earthquake in Christchurch. They will have to spend millions of tax dollars to get the city running again.

I find it rather ironic that during the same week the fascist National Party Government announced its attacks on beneficiaries, thousands of Cantabrians will need significant social welfare to recover from the effects of the second and terrible killer earthquake.

Employers will again need financial support to get their businesses back into operation. While many business premises were  damaged and repaired, and eventually able to get back working after Sept 4, many of these have totally  lost their  buildings and will have to find alternative premises to get back into operation. Tens of thousands of Christchurch people will need a job to be able to support their families, or else sign up for National's  'hated welfare'

Key and his merry men will strut their stuff around Christchurch and up in Wellington, but all Kiwis know they are false and don't represent the interests of a majority of New Zealanders. They will kick people off the dole and other benefits when it suits them. Its all about votes in November.

The earthquake has come at an opportune time for National - the opposition will find it difficult to gain traction for some considerable time. But National will be on their own after the elections without a coalition partner. They will become dog-tucker! Then Key will leave New Zealand to live in his affluent Hawaiin properties and count his tens of millions of dollars without the glare of an expectant media.
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