Friday, February 18, 2011

Don't cry over spilt milk - its all to do wth the elections...

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Farmers cry foul over milk price freeze...

Federated Farmers claim they're having to foot the bill for the move to freeze wholesale milk prices in New Zealand

Federated Farmers is crying foul over Fonterra's decision to freeze wholesale milk prices for the rest of the year.

The dairy giant made the decision after a week of public scrutiny at how much the price of milk is hitting consumers in the pocket.

But Federated Farmers dairy spokesperson Lachlan McKenzie says the news that farmer-shareholders would foot the bill came as a surprise to him.

"We seem to now have a desire for a small sector of 10,000 people to subsidise food for the other 4.5 million people" he told Newstalk ZB.

Mr McKenzie says some serious questions need to be asked as to why the supermarkets haven't had the same pressure.

Its all to do with the coming elections you thick headed  farmers! Do you want price controls?

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