Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Job cutbacks at Tertiary Education Commission in NZ described as shocking...

Association of Staff in Tertiary EducationImage via WikipediaThe number of jobs to be scrapped at the Tertiary Education Commission in New Zealand have been described as shocking by the Public Service  Association. The Government's policy is to cap public service jobs, not to slash  numbers. So what the hell is going on here?

A review carried out by private consultants Deloite,  who administer funding for tertiary education, have claimed the commission is hindered  by its structure and lack of strategic capability. It is after all a public service.

While it proposes to create 39 new jobs, it proposes to slash 80 of the existing jobs at the TEC.

The PSA national secretary, Brenda Pilott, says staff are shocked at the size of the cuts and fear their  inability to maintain the workload if the cuts go ahead, which they undoubtably will.

This may be a deliberate tactic to enable further cutbacks in future.

This Government has no credibility at all!

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