Sunday, October 3, 2010

Some high priced houses for Rugby World Cup...

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High priced houses listed for Rugby World Cup...

Some homes available for renting during the Rugby World Cup are being advertised for $20,000 a week or more - limited market though

Homes rented for $20,000 a week during the Rugby World Cup have to be something pretty special.

That's the view of Sue Robinson, the managing director of rugby accommodation guide

She says the website has three homes featured that sit above that mark.

"I think they are value for money against a five star hotel yes, if they've got a lot of things that come with them, like a pool or a gym - the services that you would get in a hotel."

Ms Robinson says the prices aren't necessarily bad, but there's only a limited market for them.

So this is all about the market is it? Yeah right!

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