Saturday, October 16, 2010

Labour announces child poverty plan - what has National got to offer?...

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Labour announces child poverty plan...

A six year initiative to tackle child poverty in New Zealand is being proposed by the Labour Party.

The Labour Party has unveiled plans to cut child poverty.

Deputy Labour Party Leader, Annette King, has told the party conference, child poverty is unfinished business for Labour.

Ms King says they have a six year plan, that puts children at the centre of investment in social service delivery. She told NewstalkZB, "When you're dealing with children, you can't deal with one aspect, we're looking at what you need to do in health, housing and early childhood education."

Annette King isn't saying how much it will cost , but says they have crunched the numbers and will reveal it before the election.

What does the National Party government have to offer?

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