Sunday, May 9, 2010

Give the train work to New Zealand railway workshops...

The Hillside Workshops stretch for over 500 me...Image via Wikipedia

We'd love to see New Zealanders make the trains we need for Auckland's new electric rail system. It would create hundreds of jobs in Dunedin and Lower Hutt, improve our balance of payments by $114 million, and make our economy more resilient.

We should at least bid for the job, but John Key's Government doesn't have much faith in our manufacturing abilities. I've talked to the men and women from the Hillside workshop and know we have the skills and the ambition.

You can drop a line to the Transport Minister and ask him to have a bit of faith. Let's have a go and at least encourage KiwiRail to tender for the work.

The Green Party

All Kiwis would support this if the workshops have the facilities and expertise. Why Not? If it creates jobs for Kiwis here, it has to be a great thing for New Zealand. But no, National wants their ideological mates overseas to get the work and make profits out of us here. I support the Green Party totally in this matter! It would create jobs in Lower Hutt and Dunedin; two areas which have suffered economically and from unemployment in recent years.

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