Friday, April 9, 2010

Key to force changes to Easter holidays...

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 Most New Zealanders will have returned to work this week from one of the best breaks in the annual calendar, Easter! Whether the 4-5 day long weekend was spent in some religious remembrance and observance, or simply a time with family and friends, it is great to be free from commercial dominance for a few days a year.

"However, consistent with his approach to many areas it seems the Prime Minister is intending to force his opinion upon his parliamentary colleagues over Easter trading rules", said Kiwi Party Leader Larry Baldock.

"Parliament has debated this issue no less than 10 times since 1990 and wisely rejected the amendments every time. Surely this reflects strong support for the retention of Easter as a commercial free holiday?

"If there is a need to get greater consistency in the law across the country that can be achieved by tightening up on those silly exemptions that lead to confusion in various areas rather than relaxing the rules over the whole country. "If the rules are relaxed we will loose a valuable rest and New Zealanders already rank as those who work longer and harder than many to achieve less than most.

"Opening the tills at Easter is not going to improve that reality, nor does the closure of shops on these few days threaten any businesses' economic survival.

"There is absolutely nothing wrong with a nation recognising its religious roots and foundations in a public observance for all. It does not force religion on anyone, it simply allows the majority of its citizens the freedom to observe an event that has affected the last two thousand years of world history", said Mr Baldock.

Acknowledgements:  Kiwi Party leader, Larry Baldock, Vodex

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