Saturday, April 17, 2010

Is John key a financial wizard - is the Pope a protestant...

John Key, leader of the New Zealand National PartyImage via Wikipedia
John Key is considered a financial wizard because of previous employment, but is he? Is the Pope a protestant?

Since stopping contributions to the Cullen NZ Super Fund, National has cost the country's taxpayers $30 million dollars.

If full contributions had been maintained, the fund would have earned $50 million dollars more, calculations have determined. Even taking extra costs involved, the fund would have earned another $1 million dollars a week for the last 8 mths.

The Government paid in $250 million dollars, instead of the expected $15.5 billion dollars. They claim no further payments will be made until the budget is in surplus. The Treasury estimates it will be 2020 before this occurs.

This is financial mismanagement to go with the total mismanagement of the country by these so-called experts. they couldn't be trusted with the management of the local kindergarten. John and Bill: Hold an early election to prove you know what you are doing. Prove your credentials are sound? Yeah right!

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H. Nizam said...

Hi Pete,
Interesting title of and interesting post.
I have followed this interesting blog on Google Friend Connect.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Thanks for following and commenting on this my "rant" blog, Harry.



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