Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Key flipflop over gst increase - credibility waning...

Flip-flop from Key over GST - credibility waning...

John Key's signal GST will rise comes after he promised in a 2008 press conference that National would not increase the tax

It appears the Prime Minister is preparing to go back on his word over GST.

At a press conference John Key held in 2008 he said he would not raise GST, stating: "National is not going to be raising GST. National wants to cut taxes, not raise taxes."

Later at the same conference Mr Key suggested it would be an incompetent Government that would have to raise the tax.

In his state of the nation speech to Parliament yesterday, he virtually confirmed the consumption tax is going to rise, to up to 15 percent. Mr Key's office says he has no comment. Its going to happen customers!

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