Thursday, February 4, 2010

Foreshore and Seabed Act repeal/ Waitangi Day - who really cares...

Foreshore and Seabed Act repeal/Waitangi day - who really cares? I couldn't care a less. When's the next flight to OZ?

Prime Minister John Key has told those gathered at Waitangi's lower marae that the Foreshore and Seabed Act could be repealed this year. So, who really cares?

Prime Minister John Key made the statement while addressing Waitangi's lower marae. Mr Key says there are a number of ideas and some elegant solutions that will work for all New Zealanders.

"But again, like everything it's a negotiation. And there'll have to be give and take on both sides. But we've made our bottom lines pretty clear - which is access rights to all New Zealanders." But who really cares?

Mr Key says a solution is potentially reasonably close. But he says they are at that point of negotiations where the Government and those involved need to ensure progress.

The Prime Minister has told those gathered at Te Tii Marae that Waitangi Day is a day of unity. His visit to the marae has gone relatively smoothly after last year's attack by two protestors.

Mr Key joked and smiled with the public, accompanied by Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples and Northland MP John Carter.

In his address he also touched on the treaty settlement process and National's year-long relationship with the Maori Party. He says there is give and take and mutual respect between both parties. But who really cares?

Mr Key is relaxed about Ngapuhi asking the media to pay a $1,000 fee. Northland elder Hama Apihama told reporters and cameramen that they would not be allowed onto the lower marae unless they paid.

It is understood Maori Television and TVNZ paid the full fee, while TV3 refused and instead offered a $500 koha.

The New Zealand Herald gave $50, while the Northern News put forward $45. Newstalk ZB refused to pay.

Mr Key says he was not aware that money was changing hands. But he says the lower marae is private property and therefore it is up to those who control it.

Labour MPs have been welcomed onto the lower marae at Waitangi without incident.

Titewhai Harawira greeted Phil Goff warmly and kissed her on the cheek before briefly taking her arm. Maori Affairs spokesman Parekura Horomia and Northland-based MP Shane Jones both accepted challenges in the powhiri.

Former Labour MP Dover Samuels is upset the tino rangatiratanga flag is flying at Waitangi this year. He says his ancestors who died fighting overseas did not give their lives to see New Zealand with what he says is the 'separate' attitude symbolised by the flag. Don't worry about the dickheads, Dover!

"Most of the people in this country wouldn't understand what tino rangatiratanga means. It means absolute soverignty. And I think people should think about it very carefully." There is but one Government in this country, and it is based in Wellington.

Mr Samuels says the flag has been manufactured by Hone Harawira and his whanau

Who really cares? They can keep their 'private' marae! They can also fly their flags on Waitangi/Harawira Day too. Who really cares? Waitangi Day is a crock and meaningless to a majority of non-Maori New Zealanders. We need a new national day, perhaps Dominion Day. Something that will be respected as a national day.


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