Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thanks for the Labour memories, Helen, Michael and Jim...

With Helen Clark gone, and now Michael Cullen, the leadership of the Labour-led Government of nine years has gone. Jim Anderton is just a back bencher of a one man band. Phil Gough, new Labour leader, is facetiously described as just "filling in".

Times have changed; deteriorating economic conditions can do that to a government who defeated Don Brash three years ago when he thought victory was inevitable.

John Key,(who?)seems so unchallengeable, but National is in the same situation as Labour was for nine years - a two man band with a number of support crew!

But the difference is National won't and can't last for six years, let alone nine years, and maybe no more than three!

The economic tsunami will wash John Key away eventually, and maybe Bill the English Speaker may survive, and maybe he will get washed away just like Johnny Kash!

By then Labour's next generation will have been decided and blooded, but it will be a long time before they can produce anybody remotely of the stature or class of Helen Clark. New Zealand will be so much the poorer for her absence, but maybe the world will benefit in some other direction.

Thenk you Helen, and you too Michael and Jim. Thanks for those two good terms of government, especially the first when you led New Zealand back from the brink of social disaster and to economic sanity. Thanks for the memories. New Zealand will thank you three too in time to come. Bye for now!

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