Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Key the third politician to be insulted at Waitangi...

Oh dear me. Lightning not only strikes twice, but thrice! Key the third senior politician to be insulted, jostled or assaulted at Waitangi in recent years.

Look Waitangi is just not worth it or appropriate as our National Day. It is an important commemoration in our history, but should not and cannot be our national commemoration.

We need to look elsewhere and another day should be considered. New Zealand is no longer a bi-cultural dual partnership society - NZ is a multicultural society and our National Day should reflect this.

We need to consider our future as a society - what will happen after the current Queen Elizabeth the Second's death? What relevance will the British royality have for NZ? King Charles the Third? Yeah right!

Will we become a republic, with a new flag and national day? Perhaps!

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