Monday, March 3, 2008

National and Labour are the same," aren't they? "

A woman talkback caller claimed that National and Labour are the same,"aren't they?" Yeah right. Like chalk and cheese,brother!

To ask such a question proves that National is the party out of touch; and has been for well over a decade. While their economics are similar, their health and education policies are philosophically different; socially, National is on a different planet.

Labour accepts it has a responsibility to all sectors and minority groups. And has legislated with that in mind. As a consequence they are accused of having a hidden social agenda - which is a load of unadulterated horse manure; and the media knows it full well!

National philosophically supports a property and asset owning minority. And will legislate with that in mind! It will move assets from the majority lower middle and working class to upper middle and upper class of NZ society. It did that back in the Bolger/Shipley 1990's - but rightwingers don't like to be reminded of the past - but we remember them. Lest we forget!

Labour has to be re-elected later this year; New Zealand's future depends on it! If National is elected later in the year,NZ society will split down the middle in a year or two.

Labour has failed to sell itself. It has failed to recognise it has been under an almost unprecedented attack since last election day. National feel they were robbed and had victory taken off them.The fact of the matter is they didn't fully understand MMP.

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