Friday, March 28, 2008

The NAT flip-floppers will need Douglas...

The tide is turning for the Nats, or is it the Gnats? The latest polls show National have lost ground again - by 5 pts this time. Blunders by John Key are beginning to impact on their credibility. The 'flip-flopper' is beginning to be found out.

The announcement that Sir Roger Douglas has joined the Act Party would have gone down like a lead balloon. He will haunt National as much as the nation.The National Party needs a coalition partner, and they will be thin on the ground. NZ First is not even registering beyond 2%. Winston couldn't be trusted anyway.The Greens and the Maori Party will not support National, even if they might appear to suggest possible future support.

Labour carry's on governing the nation. National doesn't look like an alternative government.To its benefit, Labour has shed much of its weedstalk. Many of its policy initiatives are bearing fruit. Kiwisaver is a massive success. And othersnwill follow suit. Who wants a Tory government anyway?

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