Sunday, November 4, 2007

Who needs Key and National now? Tax cuts are a' coming...

Who needs John Key and National now? Tax cuts are a' coming! Did you ever doubt it? I didn't; timing is everything in politics. The time for tax cuts is now!

The Prime Minister,Helen Clark, and her Finance Minister, Mike Cullen have announced it at the Labour Party conference. They have relied on treasury advice previously, and were obviously told that until now,tax cuts were not feasible.

To say it is too little too late, is a load of nonsense! And nonsense is all we have heard from the National Party and their fellow travellers on the political right.

Everybody know's; you don't have to be a brain surgeon at all, that under National only the better off will benefit from personal tax cuts.The majority of Kiwi earners would be lucky to get $10-$20 per week. This would do absolutely nothing to assist them and their families.

Under Labour families have benefitted from the Government's policies. The Tories just can't see past tax cuts - well New Zealand is going to get them - both personal and businesses.

Lets read this space, and wait for the announcements.

But what do we do with National after this? Well they are as useful as tits on a bull! John is not the key for the future of New Zealand.

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