Sunday, November 25, 2007

Just what do the Aussie election results mean for the West...

Just what do the Australian election results mean for the West? What do they mean for Bush's foreign policy initiatives? The Aussie boys will be coming home pretty soon George Junior!

The Australian left of centre Labor Party won the Federal elections by a landslide. Now all the states and the Federal government are all Labor administrations.

The new Australian Prime Minister, 50 year old Queenslander, Kevin Rudd, has stated that Australia will sign the Kyoto protocol, something George Bush opposes, and will be withdrawing Australian combat troops from Iraq.

Mr Rudd is a Mandarin speaking former diplomat. He is also only the second Queenslander to be elected as Australian prime minister. He is expected to forge even closer ties with New Zealand and other friends and allies. He assured George Bush of the centrality of the US alliance in Australia's approach to foreign policy.

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