Wednesday, August 22, 2007

There are lies, more lies and National Party lies - ask John Key...

Lies, more lies and National Party lies - ask John Key...

While Johny Key basks in the glory of ascending popularity polls in the National Party's continuing honeymoon period, the Labour-led Government continues in its eighth year of surprisingly competent government. The economy has had its ups and downs lately, but mostly because of external reasons. The previously high Kiwi dollar has fallen sharply in the last week or so. There could be all sorts of ramifications because of the changes. Unemployment continues to fall despite further losses of companies overseas.

As far as polls go, everybody knows the only poll that counts is the one on election day, and Don Brash really thought he was going to be prime minister in a National Government last time. He was really brought down to earth with a bang, and I suspect that when the time comes somewhere in November,2008, there will be a similar result. I don't think New Zealand or the New Zealand public have totally forgiven the National Party for their excesses during the 1990's that severely damaged our society in general.

John Key for all his smiling and smirking hasn't achieved anything in a political sense yet, other than becoming leader of the opposition. He has to serve his apprenticeship first. His smiling deputy, Bill English, has also failed to achieve anything in opposition as well. Leadership of the Opposition may actually be a poisoned chalice for National Party leaders in this early part of the 21st century.

Apart from their obsessive tax cut policy they don't have anything else to offer other than regurgitated and failed New Right policies of the 1990's. Privatisation, welfare cuts, anti- worker attacks, commercialisation of health sevices, including public hospitals, privatisation of education, further sales of state housing, further reductions in the armed forces and police, continuing corruption, and so forth! Nothing for the average New Zealander that I can see? Sorry John, no place at the inn for you!

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