Monday, August 6, 2007

HAMILTON - Police investigating the discovery of one of the country's largest P labs have released rare video footage taken inside the house, as a warning to communities about the dangers of methamphetamine.

The clandestine methamphetamine laboratory - one of the five biggest such labs uncovered to date - was raided by police on Thursday at Newcastle Rd in Dinsdale, Hamilton.

Police finished decommissioning the lab last night, after an extensive four-day operation to remove the chemicals found.

The clean-up was hampered by the discovery of a small quantity of explosives and a pipebomb.

Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Whitehead screened a six-minute segment, of a 45 minute video, this morning to media in Hamilton, taken by police wearing full protective gear as they walked through the home.

He said the release of the footage was an attempt to dispel conceptions that P-labs were "nice clinical lab-like environments".

Footage showed several rooms in the cluttered house covered in equipment and containers with chemicals and paraphernalia, which police believe had been accumulated over three years.

Fixtures and fittings in the house could be seen to be corroded from the chemicals and fumes.

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