Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bob Jones just a crass, bigotted, biased, foolish old pensioner...

Bob Jones is a crass, bigotted, foolish old pensioner...

I don't accept the legitimacy of knighthoods for people like Bob Jones,Roger Brierley or Roger Douglas. - they only received their titles for making money and their service to capitalism and the market - not New Zealand society or the average Kiwi in the street. As a consequence their titles shouldn't be used.

Bob Jones is just a crass, bigotted, biased , foolish old pensioner who has never made a positive contribution to New Zealand society, except when he lives overseas. Just a wheeler, dealer devotee to the god of mammon and the free market.

I remember the reports years ago of him assaulting a traffic cop because he didn't appreciate being given a ticket by an idiotic traffic cop. Yeah right! And on state television we watched the aftermath of Bob Jones assaulting a television reporter because he interfered with Bob Jones'privacy. Jones hit him in the face and gave him a bloody nose.

The man was obviously out of control like some interbred pitbull, protected by his millions, which he will use to try and intimidate anybody that he, Jones, thinks is threatening him.

He always publicly insulted or put down those he disagreed with personally, or politically, or those lesser mortals that this Naenae College educated, punch drunk, third rated boxer considered. Such an example was his election campaign to bring about the downfall of the Robert Muldoon( another undeserved knighthood)National Government, not because he really supported the Labour Party.

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