Monday, August 18, 2014

Bringing in an old dog like Jim Bolger to defend the National government in its time of need..

A former National Party logo
A former National Party logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Former Prime Minister Jim Bolger mid ...
English: Former Prime Minister Jim Bolger mid press conference at the release of Kiwirail, where the crown is paying over $600 million to Toll Holdings to buy back all the tracks, assets and debts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
God Almighty!! The National Party is really running scared to have to get 79 year old Jim Bolger away from his bowling club to speak up for the National Government's alleged economic success, and a blatant attack against Kim Dotcom. Treasury has also been instructed to put out an economic report allegedly to counteract the Hagar book, 'Dirty Politics'. Quite frankly he is out of touch with the current political and economic situation. He then went a tirade against David Cunliffe and overtly praised the treaty settlements process. I wonder how much this cost the National Party in its election campaign; people like Jim Bolger don't do things for nothing, especially when you consider that Jenny Shipley stabbed him in the proverbial back after a palace coup?

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