Mayor bemoans Countdown pressure

The Hauraki Mayor says the company which owns the Countdown supermarket chain is "riding rough-shod" over his small community and putting pressure on to extend alcohol trading hours.
Countdown logo
Photo: RNZ
Progressive Enterprises has asked Hauraki District Council to let supermarkets stay open and sell alcohol for an extra two hours - until 11pm instead of the current 9pm closing time.
Progressive has indicated it will appeal any decision to keep the current opening hours.
Hauraki mayor John Tregidga says the appeal feels like a threat and small councils like his can't afford a legal battle with the company and they know it.
He says the council has overwhelming support from its community to restrict trading hours but Progressive Enterprises seems happy to ride rough-shod over small communities to get its way.
Mr Tregida says he is absolutely gutted by the attitude from the supermarket company and his community will not go down without a fight.
But Progressive Enterprises says it's concerned by Mr Tregida's comments over the sale of liquor hours in the district.
In a statement, Progressive Enterprises, which owns the Countdown supermarkets, said it is adhering to a process in which appeals are possible.
It says it does respect the views of the local Hauraki community, and wants to talk to the Hauraki District Council next week.