Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Burquas - a controversy in NZ in recent times...

Burquas  - a controversy in New Zealand in recent times...

The two Kiwi bus drivers who refused to accept passengers on their buses because they wore burquas didn't do anything wrong. If I was a bus driver and had a potential passenger wearing a burqua, hoody with dark glasses or a person with a handkerchief around their face, I would refuse them admittance too until they removed them. As far as Muslims wearing burquas goes, remember the adage, "when in Rome do as the Romans do." NZ is not a Muslim country, but we should remember also that the burqua is a cultural requirement, not the Prophet's. I don't have a problem with head scarves, because some Christian sects still wear them. But I still don't like burquas because they undermine the dignitywomen in some Muslim countries where they are treated as third-class citizens, behind animals which are second class citizens.

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