Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mike Hesson, Ross Taylor and the Black Caps in conversation and on tour...

As the NZ cricket team, the Black Caps flew out on their return tour to England, I couldn't let the comments of their coach, Mike Hesson, go without comment. Mr Hesson is very happy that one of his critics, former NZ player John Parker, had apologised to him about his comments regarding the Ross Taylor saga. Mr Parker had made some insinuations regarding Mr Hesson's comments after the Ross Taylor captaincy sacking.

It centred around Hesson's claim he had offered Taylor the test captaincy after sacking him from all forms of the game. Ross Taylor had basically accused Hesson of lying. He also intimated he would like an apology from Hesson; but this doesn't appear to have happened. Ross Taylor is, and always been the innocent party in the whole saga.

So this sorry little saga has not yet gone away. Ross Taylor is concentrating on his skills and form as the premier test  batsman of the side. Brendan McCullum is certainly a form batsman in the shorter forms of the game, and the new captain. See what he is like on the end of a test series loss in England. The conversation will continue when they return, no doubt!

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