Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The truth behind the Ross Taylor sacking controversy...

Because the NZ cricket team, the so-called Blackcaps,  performed admirably in the recently concluded test series against England, the recently sacked captain, Ross Taylor, is expected to keep quiet and move on. Really?

 During the period of Taylor's dismissal, the coach Mike Hesson and CEO David White both publicly lied about Ross Taylor's dismissal as captain in the three forms of the game. Ross Taylor wants both gentlemen, what a misnomer, to acknowledge what they really said and to publicly apologise to him. He claims, and I support his version of events, that he was never offered the test captaincy, and would have declined it anyway.

 Hesson and White should both be sacked for their behaviour and a new cricket board elected. If this doesn't happen I can see Ross Taylor becoming unavailable to the NZ cricket team permanently.

 This is not the same scenario that former All Black captain Ian Kirkpatrick found himself in many decades ago. Kirkpatrack was sacked, but no lying was involved. The controversy there was he was not informed of his dismissal before the media learned about it - he was told by team-mates on the bus to a Poverty Bay rep game.


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