Monday, June 18, 2012

National attempting to justify its discredited privatisation policy...

National party protects polluters
National party protects polluters (Photo credit: William Joyce)
New Zealand National Party leader John Key wit...
New Zealand National Party leader John Key with the press (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: John Key, leader of the New Zealand N...
English: John Key, leader of the New Zealand National Party  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
National  is attempting  to justify and connect its partial privatisation programme of energy companies to the unfortunate experiment of the late 1980's and early 1990's. Labour paid a very heavy price for that politically foolish policy -  thousands of Labour supporters voted for alternative parties and helped to throw Labour out of office for nine years.

The same thing will happen to National at the next elections in 2014. I predict one of the biggest landslide defeats for National then - they'll be out of office for nineteen or more years. A weak-kneed John Key will quickly disappear from New Zealand politics in a vain attempt to protect his sullied   reputation and struggle for some overseas economic post. Smile and wave has been seen for what it really is  - pathetic posturing!

While on the subject of John Key, one has to question his credibility  when claiming  that New Zealanders are warming to the National Party government's privatisation policy, when a succession of polls and comments from many National Party members oppose the policy.

Many people criticise former PM Helen Clark, but she was a political heavyweight compared to this pompous pretender.
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