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The Wizard intends protesting about the proposal to demolish the Christ Church cathedral...

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Christ Church, Cathedral Square, Christchurch.
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The Wizard will be unveiling plans this week to continue the fight to keep ChristChurch Cathedral.

The Wizard will be unveiling plans this week to continue the fight to keep ChristChurch Cathedral.

He's taking out a half-page advertisement in The Press newspaper on Thursday, which he says will have plans about further protest action being organised.

He says many people have approached him, urging that he does something to save the building destined for demolition.

"They're shocked at the arrogance and rigidity of the people in this, CERA is extremely rigid and you can't get anything out of them, the bishop is turning into almost a rude and offensive and upset by even the asking of questions about the cathedral, it's got ridiculous."

He says the gothic-style architecture attracts a large number of the city's tourists, and without them the industry will suffer.

"Christchurch will shrink down in size, it will start to die," he says.

"This is a mad decision, quite mad and there's no need for it."

The Wizard is hoping to organise a peaceful protest march against the Anglican Church who seem determined to pull-down the building.

Meanwhile more than 30,000 Cantabrians have taken the opportunity to say their farewells to the Cathedral.

13,000 went through the opened-up walkway on Saturday, with another 18,000 going through yesterday.

CERA operations manager Warwick Issacs says they wanted to give people the chance to see the cathedral before work starts on its demolition.

He says the numbers exceeded their expectations.

"People are really just keen to get in there and see around the Cathedral Square but also the cathedral itself a
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