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Eviction of Occupation Auckland protesters resisted...

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Efforts to evict Occupy Auckland protesters have come to a halt after some of the occupiers stood in the way of security guards trying to take their tents down.
Security guards acting on Auckland Council instructions began taking down tents from 8am on Monday at Aotea Square.
They showed little resistance at first but after three people were arrested by watching police for breaching the peace, protesters began standing their ground as the guards tried to dismantle more tents.
The security guards stopped their actions about 10.45am and limited their action to stopping the protesters putting new tents back up, attempts which at times became heated.
Three protesters sat undisturbed atop a three-metre high wooden tower erected in the square.
Attempts were also made to evict protesters at Occupy sites in Albert Park and Victoria Park.
Protester Joe Carolan of Unite Union said he was proud of the protesters after the security actions were halted.
He said they were ashamed Auckland Mayor Len Brown was not acting in their interests and said attempts would be made to occupy his office.
A posting on the Occupy group's Facebook page called for supporters to head to Aotea Square.
It promised the council it would not be the end of the protest.
"First they ignored us - then they ridiculed us - now they will try to fight us - then we will win," they posted.
The council, in a statement, said the protesters' gear was removed because it was interfering with plans for next month's Auckland Lantern Festival and the people of Auckland wanted their public spaces returned to them.
"People have a right to freedom of speech and protest, but not the right to camp indefinitely," the statement said.
Before Christmas, a judge ruled that the occupation breached a council bylaw banning camping and building structures in a public space without a permit.   Latest news:
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