Monday, December 27, 2010

Robin Bain was found not guilty - not innocent...

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The Government has refused a financial settlement offer from David Bain's legal team...

A proposed financial settlement from David Bain's legal team has been rejected by the Government.

Mr Bain's lawyer Michael Reed, QC, says the settlement would have cost the taxpayer much less than an estimated $10 million fight for compensation.

Mr Bain, who was last year found not guilty of the 1994 murders of his parents and siblings after spending 13 years in prison, is looking to get legal aid to fund his compensation bid.

Mr Reed says they offered the Government a shortcut, but Justice Minister Simon Power says this is not possible as there are no such options in Cabinet guidelines.

The compensation being sought is expected to be in excess of $1 million.

The legal team also plans to seek inheritance money from Mr Bain's parents which went to other family members following his 1995 conviction. 

KR says: "He's not entitled to compensation. He was found not guilty - not innocent. To be innocent he will have to prove his father Robin murdered his family and committed suicide. He didn't because Robin Bain did it!"

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Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

So he is broke? Who gives a stuff. Noted Joe Karam tried to wheedle a million bucks from the NZ govt.

The only way to get compo is to prove you're innocent. As I wrote in my post he has to prove his father Robin did it. He cant do that, because he did it!