Saturday, July 31, 2010

Was Chris Carter right - Phil Goff is not the right man to lead Labour...

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One has to really feel for Labour MP Chris Carter. What a stupid thing he did writing eo rgw mwsia in a self addressed envelope which revealed his identity.

Now about the comments he made about Labour leader, Phil Goff. Was Chris right about Goff's ability as leader and an alternative prime minister to lead New Zealand? At this stage I would have to agree with Chris Carter, Phil Goff is not the right man - but who else? David Cunliffe? With some leadership experience I would say yes.

David told me on Facebook that Labour's leadership was all decided and supported by the caucus through to the next election. Mmmmm! But things and times change!

We know what National intends to do after the elections, sort of. There will be some form of privatisation of state assets or government departments. Some PPP's, most likely in education.

What we need is a leader who will come out and state that all privatisation will be reversed; only compensation will be at original cost! The old fashioned re-nationalisation! If Key and his cronies know this, they will be very careful setting up PPP's and other privatisation programs.

So we will finish the way we started - was Chris Carter right about Phil Goff not being the right man to lead Labour? And I would have to agree with him at this stage.
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