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Roughed up NZ MP plans to complain for being assaulted by Chinese security in NZ...

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Roughed up New Zealand MP plans to complain - he was assaulted by Chinese security...

Parliament's Speaker will receive complaint from Green MP Russel Norman, who was roughed up by Chinese security as he held Tibet protest

Green MP Russel Norman plans to lay a complaint with Parliament's Speaker after he was roughed up by the Chinese Vice President's security officers.

The party co-leader was waving a Tibetan flag outside Parliament as Vice President Xi Jinping arrived. He was then manhandled by members of Mr Xi's entourage.

Political editor Barry Soper, who witnessed the scene, says the security contingent was very rough with Mr Norman and he describes the incident as "quite extraordinary.

"Chinese security and there are very large numbers of them, roughed (Mr Norman) up in a way that I've never seen a member of Parliament treated. He had the Tibetan flag ripped from him and trampled on by the Chinese security. He was prevented from getting anywhere near the vice president.

"If somebody does want to wave a Tibetan flag, which is clearly offensive to the Chinese and with the flag went Russel Norman chanting 'freedom for Tibet', well, we live in a democracy and should be able to express our views in the way Russel Norman did."

Mr Soper says Mr Norman can probably expect to receive similar treatment if he waves a Tibetan flag in front of the vice-president again.

Do you expect John Key to put a complaint in to the Chinese? Don't be funny! Seriously the Chinese security need to keep their hands to themselves while on NZ soil or water. There jog was to protect the Chinese dignatory. Any New Zealander is quite free to wave a Tibetan flag here in NZ - I would wave one myself! The Chinese invaded Tibet in the early 50's. Long live Tibet!

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