Friday, May 1, 2009

As the political giants depart, the pygmies play together...

The departure of the two political giants leaves a multitude of pygmies in Parliament. Helen Clark and Michael Cullen will not be replaced for many a day. While its off to New York and the United Nations for Helen, it will be to Post Bank for Mike, to join the man Labour put up as head of Post Bank early in Labour's tenure, former PM Jim Bolger.

National has shown its hand early as it proceeds to kick the state sector hard in its slats. What next? And who replaces these state employees?

John Key may well be an affable bloke, but I think he is politically naive - he is being manipulated left, right and centre by Bill English and his buddies. Just how long will he last before he departs to take up a position in the World Bank or something similar?

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