Thursday, April 16, 2009

National's destiny is in Labour's hands...

Contary to opinions being expressed by editorials and other so-called political experts, National shows all the signs of a one term government - it hasn't really introduced any real rightwing philosophically influenced legislation, apart from the '90 Day hire and Fire Act'.

It is not National that is in control of its destiny, it is actually Labour! The power, the brains and the intestinal fortitude of Labour left parliament when Helen Clark and Michael Cullen decided to retire from politics and resign from the parliamentary Labour Party. It is shades of 1975, and 1990 all over again - a Labour Party without a real leader, not a disembelled Labour caucus though.

This Labour caucus will be back to business as usual with a longterm leader, which is not "Phil-in" Phil Goff!

Will there be another Helen Clark? Not during the remainder of my lifetime. Such people come along every couple of generations. The good people die in office; and the real leaders come along every fifty years or so. I don't include David Lange in that capacity - he comes under the capacity of orators. He had no intestinal fortitude to stand up to Roger Douglas; he could have promoted Helen clark as his deputy and taken on the Act Party's ancestors, Douglas and Prebble and Company!


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