Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Labour must be elected for a fourth term...

It is now 2008 and there is an election in about 11 months or so. It will be one of the most important elections and watersheds in New Zealand political and electoral history. It is extremely important that New Zealand gets this fourth term. Forget the propaganda of the last year - National has been spreading the political manure around by the truckload - they don't have any policy to hang their credibility on. They don't have any credibility, no policy and no party. They are a bunch of right wing apologists.

Forget the Electoral Finance Act; I haven't lost any democratic rights. I can feel more comfortable in bed knowing that religious extremists won't be given another opportunity to try and buy another election. I still have those pamphlets delivered to my letter box during the last election campaign. I actually felt quite indignant receiving that fascist propaganda in my box. They are actually a bunch of hypocritical bastards considering they don't believe in the electoral process.

John Key was right up to his little red right wing neck during that campaign - he stood a little to the rear and to the left of Fuhrer Brash, but he knew about those meetings between Brash, other party leaders, and the Exclusive Brethren. John Key may have, and he may not have, participated in these meetings. But he can not, two years later, deny he knew they happened.

Neither John Key or the National Party are fit to govern; of course they think they have a divine right to rule. If Satan is successful this year, like he was back in 1990, we will need plenty of God's help. Of course we can assist God by not voting for a fascist political party. Labour must lead the next government back to the front benches. Helen Clark must lead the country for a historical fourth term. our future depends on it. Democracy depends on it!

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