Saturday, December 1, 2007

Nats to turn New Zealand into a John Key paradise...

Who gives a stuff about the Electoral Finance Bill really? If it stops the National Party and its right wing fellow travellers from being able to "buy" an election, that almost happened last time with the Exclusive Brethren, it will be worth it!

New Zealand can not afford to have a National Party led government: They will make the Bolger/Shipley mob seem like kindergaren teachers. They intend to punish middle New Zealand for keeping them out of power for nine years. Tories believe it's their divine right to rule. Yeah right!

They have privatisation as a main part of their policies - they are telling us that 'borrowing' will be the means to finance their legislative program - do you still believe in Santa Claus?

There is one source of finance they want to get their grubby little figers on - that is the ACC investment fund of around $6 billion dollars. They'll leave two billion for existing claims, privatise ACC itself and use the remaining four billion for their plans to turn New Zealnd into a John Key paradise, and milk the country clean!

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