Sunday, September 16, 2007

What's John Key's memory like I wonder?

What's John Key's memory like I wonder? Not the best I would suggest. Memory's are made of this, goes an old song.

Back in 2002 John Key was saying the DPB was, for the want of a better word, breeding for business - bit of an inane comment I would also suggest. But, however, this was disputed by his colleague Katherine Rich, who by contrast said most people who were on the DPB were pretty motivated people who have the same dreams and aspirations as anybody else. Benefit bashing was a most unsatisfactory practice that didn't achieve any positive outcomes at all. Katherine Rich resigned from her shadow cabinet post in protest, disillusioned with people such as Don Brash and John Key.

National's polling has been described as "push polling" during which supposed independent telephone pollsters ask questions containing damaging allegations about government politicians to turn voters off a particular candidate ie " Would you support a particular candidate if you knew something(derogatory)about that person", something that may actually not have happened at all - but too late after the election to disprove.

This sort of polling is obviously at the forefront of Key's publicity tactics. This form of polling was used by Don Brash, John Key and the National Party before the last elections. An election that National actually lost, but not according to the National Party? The people of New Zealand elected the Labour- led Government for a three year term.

The National Party has been white- anting this Government from Day One. I would suggest they pull their collective heads in and create policy that would make New Zealand a better place for all its people with a change of government in twelve months time - not the elite of New Zealand society on $250,000 plus per year and able to send their offspring to some elite private school. But that is the Key way ahead of New Zealand with a millionaire potential prime minister.

John Key was part of the decision making that led to Mark Textor and others from Australia who made many visits to this country, including one in late November of 2004, and many more up to September of 2005. A number of telephone calls and written reports were also made and sent to the National Party here.In one of the reports the National Party was urged to raise finance for two election campaigns - the second election was meant to take place when the Labour coalition government broke down, and other parties wouldn't have the finance available to campaign successfully a second time against the National Party. Slim hopes for the dreamers in dreamland. Labour would always be able to raise sufficient funds for an unexpected election. National should always remember that!

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