Thursday, March 8, 2007

Police image taking big hit - Rickards should resign, has no future in force.

Police image is taking a big hit from not guilty police sex trial. Clint Rickards has no future in the force - he should resign to stop further deterioation in the image of the police with the NZ public.

Police let marchers go on
Wellington police say they will take a "low key stance" to march taking place- officers called rapists and station hit by graffiti
8 March 2007 Wellington police say they are aware of today's march to protest the outcome of the police sex trial, but they will be "taking a low key stance" towards it unless it gets out of hand.Officers already report being called rapists while going about their duties and Wellington's central police station has been targeted with graffiti .A protest march will pass both the police station and the District Court . Organisers of the march say they are angry at the outcome of the trial and what they claim is an unjust justice system. A similar march is being staged in Auckland this evening.Meanwhile, Green MP Sue Bradford is calling on the police to make a public apology for what she calls a culture of violence and abuse of young women which she says ran almost unchecked in some provincial towns in the 1980s.

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